Wisbech UKIP anti-immigration demonstration founded on myths and lies and will incite hatred, community figures claim

Dean Reeves

Dean Reeves - Credit: Archant

THE UKIP anti-immigration protest planned for Wisbech Park in May has been slammed by a number of the town’s community groups.

Representatives from Trade Unions, the Police, churches, pensioners and residents as well as Labour and Conservative councillors spoke out against the demonstration, which they claim will incite tensions and lead to more violence in the town. at a meeting held at the Rosmini Centre.

Martin Field, president of the WMD TUC, who chaired the meeting, said: “It is clearly the feeling of the meeting that we don’t consider it necessary to oppose the demonstration itself but the myths and lies and exaggerations that they choose to believe and aim to spread to others.

“When the Police tell us that they fear the anti-immigration feelings stirred up by the demonstration will legitimise more anti-migrant sentiments including leading to more violent assaults, then we know it is not good enough for decent, ordinary people in the area to sit back and do nothing.”

Dean Everitt, the organiser of an anti-immigration protest, believes UKIP is the only political party capable of putting an end to Bulgarians and Romanians coming into Britain.

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He said Britain is at breaking point “with the sheer volume of Eastern Europeans coming here taking homes and jobs. Not one home has been built or one job created yet one million have been let in”.

But Dean Reeves, who was the Labour candidate in this year’s Wisbech Fenland District Council By-election, said his views were not representative of the majority of the town’s people who are fed up of immigrants being blamed for unemployment and housing shortages.

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He said: “Despite the wide background of those attending there was a clear consensus that the people of the Fens do not share the anti-immigrant stance of the group and they wanted to counter the myths and lies to stir up division in the community.”

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