With our millions we thee wed: Wisbech couple head to Gretna for simple marriage

LOTTO winners Dave and Angela Dawes who swopped a �70 a week Wisbech flat for a �1,000 a night London penthouse secretly tied the knot at a Gretna Green wedding.

Their wedding had few frills and would hardly have dented the couple’s �101 million jackpot win

Angela, 43, has previously changed her surname to Dawes so it was a bit of a legal formality as she exchanged vows to become the newly wed Mrs Dawes.

She wore a cream dress as she arrived by horse and carriage for the ceremony at Anvil Hall in Gretna Green before heading off to the Gretna Chase Hotel where they stayed the night.

The hotel is popular with wedding guests, most recent reviews describing it as “spotless, food fab and staff very helpful”.

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Gary Leonard, 39, who married his wife Clare on the same day and stayed in the same hotel as the Dawes, said: “You’d never have known they had all that money.

‘They weren’t flashing their money or showing off.”

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According to The Sun the Dawes have handed �100,000 to a friend from Wisbech, Allan Clarke. The paper claims he’s used �10,000 of it to buy a Mercedes and some to buy a new burger van.

When they won their jackpot in October, the Dawes promised to make 20 of their friends’ millionaires.

* If you are Mr Clarke and would like to talk about your good fortune please contact us.

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