Without people like Rob, the world will be worse off

The Pet Shop owner Rob Phipps has a heart of gold.

People who find lost or stray dogs tell the RSPCA - and when it can’t help (which is quite often) Rob steps in.

He homes them, feeds them and takes them on community walks and has no thought of the expense to his personal finances.

Rather than commend him and tell him he is leading the way for people to give more and have a bigger heart and show compassion for people and animals that cant help themselves, he gets victimised and told that he has no right.

Without people like him, the world will become worse.

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He is an example to the younger generation who seem to have been brought up with out the compassion that we were.

My 15-year-old son has wanted to walk the dogs with him as a helping hand rather than go out and hang with his friends.

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It rubs off on people, a community coming together and showing a unity for a cause that would normally be neglected.

I’m appalled at the RSPCA for what it has done and I would like to offer my full support to Rob and anything my family can do to help.

Rob was there to stop the dogs from being put down and was there as a friend. We all need friends like Rob.


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