Woman, 20, questioned by police after car careers through Indian restaurant -but for Shah Jahan owner is business as usual

Shah Jahan getting back to normal

Shah Jahan getting back to normal - Credit: Archant

A 20 year-old woman has been questioned by police after the car she was driving careered into an Indian restaurant in March on Sunday morning.

Fiesta crashes into Shah Jahan, March

Fiesta crashes into Shah Jahan, March - Credit: Archant

Police were called shortly before 6.30am after a Ford Fiesta crashed into the Shah Jahan restaurant on the corner of Dartford Road.

No one was injured but both the car and the window of the restaurant were extensively damaged.

Police said today that the woman had been interviewed and reported for driving taking a vehicle without consent, driving with no insurance, no licence and for criminal damage.

A passenger in the Fiesta has been spoken to but not arrested.

The restaurant was forced to close during the day but by evening the window had been temporarily repaired and was able to re-open for business.

Support for the restaurant owners has begun through a local Facebook community group from many regular customers.

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Abdul Malick, whose father owns the restaurant, said: “The person who drove the vehicle isn’t a licensed driver nor is it her car.”

He added: “It is definitely business as normal at the restaurant.”