March woman claims ‘intimidating’ Fenland Council enforcers followed her through town

A March woman says enforcement officers hired by Fenland Council to try and keep the streets clean f

A March woman says enforcement officers hired by Fenland Council to try and keep the streets clean followed her across town yesterday (November 15). - Credit: Archant

Fenland Council is urging the public to report any “unprofessional” behaviour from its ‘litter police’ after a woman claimed two enforcers followed her through March.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, contacted us after we published a story on the council’s enforcers, who rolled into town last week. She claims she and her granddaughter were followed because her granddaughter was holding a cigarette.

She said: “My granddaughter and I were walking through town – she had a cigarette in her hand – and they followed us down the road.

“We waited to cross the road and they waited on the other side. I’d said they followed us for about five to 10 minutes.

“When we stopped, they stopped. It was very intimidating and they should not be doing it.

“I’m a pensioner and I’ve recently lost my husband so I am not in the best state and this didn’t help.”

A Fenland District Council spokesman said: “Tackling environmental issues remains a top priority for Fenland District Council and members of the local community, who have requested more enforcement to be carried out.

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“Kingdom officers have been supporting our own enforcement officers with this work since June, with more than 1,000 hours of additional patrols being carried out during the first five months of the 12-month pilot.

“All officers have received full training. However, should there be any circumstances where it is felt that an enforcement officer has not acted in a professional way then please report it to us so that the issue can be fully investigated by both the council and Kingdom.”

The enforcement company hired by the Fenland Council to cut down on littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping were spotted out and about in March yesterday.

This summer the team from Kingdom Services issued over 180 penalty notices in just one month in Wisbech, and with offences likely to cost £75, the council is hoping it will prove a deterrent.

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