Woman hits back at Whittlesey tree “vandalism” claims

Otago close Whittlesey. Pollarded Trees. Picture: Steve Williams.

Otago close Whittlesey. Pollarded Trees. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A woman whose family was responsible for controversially topping trees in a quiet Whittlesey street has hit back at accusations of ‘vandalism’.

Furious neighbours of Cherie Chamberlain claimed the cutting of the trees in Otago Road was an act of vandalism and have reported it to the town and district councils.

But Mrs Chamberlain refutes the allegations claiming she ‘owns’ the trees and did the work with the full knowledge of the district council and also the Land Registry.

She said her family has staked a claim on the land, which has been public amenity space for many years, stating the site which adjoins her bungalow is ‘no man’s land’ and is therefore up for grabs.

Mrs Chamberlain claims to have spoken to her neighbours about the land and her family’s plans to take it over as part of their garden and is furious that the move to cut the trees has caused such a furore.

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She also denied claims the trees were cut back to get rid of the colony of collared doves living in it because they were causing a noise nuisance.

“It was nothing to do with noise nuisance. I like all birds, including doves. We checked for nests before the work was done by my family members, who have done this sort of work for years. I am not a cruel person.

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“All we are doing is making a claim on the land, we have done it legally and all above board. I have been told we can’t actually register it in our name for 12 years in case someone else comes forward to say it belongs to them,” said Mrs Chamberlain.

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