Woman says her husband was using cash machine at NatWest in March only 30 seconds before car went out of control and rammed bank

Mercedes goes into bank in March

Mercedes goes into bank in March - Credit: Archant

A woman believes her husband was seconds from being killed after a car accidentally drove into a bank last night.

“Thirty seconds before he was doing his banking for his company at the hole in the wall,” she posted on Facebook.

“Thank God it wasn’t 30 seconds later as the car rammed the bank – it would have killed him.”

Another woman, who dialled 999 after the car crashed into the NatWest bank in Broad Street, March, said the driver was a an elderly man.

“I was there when it happened and made the 999 call,” she wrote on Facebook.

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“It was an elderly gentleman who was very shaken by what had happened.

“He came out of a parking space and his foot slipped. He didn’t intentionally ‘ram’ into the bank.”

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She added: “It was a miracle no one was on the pavement when it happened, it could have been a lot worse.”

Police and fire crews were quickly on the scene and traffic reduced to single lane to allow the car to be pulled free from the NatWest bank.

The collision happened at around 5.15pm – and after the bank had closed- when the driver of the 12-year-old Mercedes moved away from the Broad Street parking area.

The crash happened in pouring rain and bystanders felt the driver was lucky not to have collided with two lanes of rush hour traffic coming over the town bridge towards the Broad Street traffic lights.

Onlookers were forced to move away as police and fire crews dealt with the car, which appeared to have a damaged bonnet and grille.

Injuries to the driver or any passengers are not yet known; the collision happened during a late afternoon downpour.

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