Working people pushed into poverty by politicians with no clue of the weekly shop cost

I have looked through the Conservative first leaflet and it contains a lot of UKIP policies on Europe and promises that the conservatives cannot deliver.

This government claims that it encouraged more people into work, but what they don’t say is that people are being forced to work with zero hours contracts and low wages.

This has pushed proud working people into poverty so that they are having to rely on food banks which have now sprung up in Wisbech and March.

Not something to be proud of. They are forcing the disabled to work by passing them as fit.

Tell me how can someone being treated with chemotherapy be fit for work and don’t get me going on the bedroom tax.

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An unfair tax that only hits people on benefits, that includes the elderly and disabled, the most vulnerable people in our area.

They claim they are creating more jobs, but because of the people willing to work under the minimum wage the wages are too low for families to survive on.

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So they are hit on both sides. The benefit system cuts mean that they cannot survive on those and the wages are the same. Its a no win situation.

Borrowing is higher than it ever was so they haven’t cut the deficit. Cut tax?

There is an election next year so lets dangle a carrot.

Schools? With the influx of migrant workers our schools are overflowing and although a new school is in the pipeline for Wisbech it doesn’t solve the immediate problem.

No to us bailing out the euro. We didn’t have to because we don’t have the Euro so I don’t understand how Cameron can take the credit for that.

As for the border controls, we have no control. Over 200,000 Europeans have entered the country in the last couple of years. Doesn’t sound like control to me. He needs to find jobs and housing for all of them as well as all of our unemployed and homeless.

The ordinary working class people have been hit by cut after cut, watched our standard of living plummet and he says that the country is in recovery. Where? Yes it is for the rich and businesses but not for us.

As for a referendum. He promised us one when they got in last time and we didn’t get one, why should we believe him this time. This is a man who will promise the earth and then blame the other parties for not doing it. He is full of hot air.

This is why the voting public have lost confidence in the Liblabcon’s. They all promise the earth and deliver nothing.

They are more interested in furthering their own political careers than they are about us and lets face it most of them are millionaires or married into money so their own policies don’t affect them at all.

They don’t even know how much a weekly shop is.

How can you have faith in parties that are so disconnected with their voters, who don’t understand the every day difficulties that families face.

Who state quite openly that they have no intentions of listening to the people or changing their policies to help them. That is pure arrogance and blind ignorance.

I look forward to reading the drivel in the Labour and Lib Dem Leaflets as at least I can use them as kindling after I’ve finished laughing.

County Councillor Paul Clapp


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