Workmen uncover at least 25 needles and other drugs paraphernalia dumped in a Fenland cemetery

WORKMEN had to wear protective clothing to clean up a large collection of needles and other drugs paraphernalia found in a Fenland cemetery.

David Moore, a contract worker for the Landscape Group who looks after Fenland Council’s parks and open spaces, uncovered the needles haul in Eastwood Cemetery, March.

The Upwell Road cemetery has become a haven for drug abuse from the evidence uncovered by Mr Moore.

Photographer Steve Williams said: “Looking at the needles – and there must have been at least 25 piled up- many seemed as they had only been thrown there quite recently.”

Mr Moore is concerned for colleagues who might use strimmers or mowers which could send discarded needles flying into the air.

The landscape team returned to their depot when they discovered the needles to return with protective clothing, gloves, goggles and a sharps container to take away the needles.

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