Would be good to see narrow gauge railway along old Chatteris to Somersham line

AFTER reading Chatteris Centrepoint I became aware you can to walk along the old Chatteris to Somersham Railway Line.

Would it not be possible to have a narrow gauge railway along one side of the track bed? It would be a good way of attracting tourists and their valuable revenue to Chatteris.

The Walsingham Railway does in Norfolk that is run by volunteers, there is also a private one at Ramsey Mereside, one at Dersingham and the East Coast at Grimsby. The Narrow Gague Railway Society’s chairman lives in Peterborough.

I have contacted town councillor James Carney who is involved in its administration and maintenance, unfortunately he felt it was a very ambitious idea.

One point Cllr Carney mentioned was the need for infrastructure. As long as the council provided the land the railway group would build and run the line at its expense.

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Also, as there are no main roads crossing the old track bed, only farm tracks, the crossings can be of a lesser expense.

However, I don’t think the idea has been taken well.

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It was just my idea for the town of Chatteris.


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