Yachtsmen, the homeless, new home buyers and travellers among hardest hit by council’s planned rises

YACHTSMEN, the homeless, new home buyers and travellers will be among the hardest hit by a set of new fees proposed by Fenland District Council.

Fees at Wisbech Yacht Harbour are set for a 10 per cent rise whilst the homeless will pay an extra 6 per cent to stay in a Fenland hostel.

New home owners will, for the first time, be told they must pay �60 for a set of three wheelie bins and a similar amount will be demanded of developers renovating derelict homes where the bins have gone.

And developers will also, for the first time, be told they will be charged for “certain elements of the street naming and numbering service”.

Mark Saunders, the council’s chief accountant, has highlighted the potential for raising cash from new sources in a report to this week’s overview and scrutiny committees.

Increased fees across the board have the potential to bring in an estimated �165,000 a year, says Mr Saunders, which represents a three per cent rise in income.

He said the draft Budget previously agreed by Cabinet did not specifically identify a proposed increase in fees and charges. However “certain assumptions had to be made in order to produce a draft budget”.

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Wisbech Port: The 25 per cent increase in statutory harbour dues is to allow the council to achieve an estimated break even position. The large increase is needed, says Mr Saunders, to off set the reduction in commercial ships visiting Wisbech and Port Sutton Bridge whilst maintaining an acceptable level of service.

Wisbech Yacht Harbour: High quality, industry standard facilities are now available, says Mr Saunders, and the 10 per cent rise proposed in mooring fees reflects this.

Skip Hire: The council plans a 20.6 per cent to cover their costs.

Rent. Overall increases of 5.8 per cent are proposed in rents and a 6.2 per cent rise for people in the council’s homeless units. These, says Mr Saunders, are in line with government guidelines.

Domestic bins. The council proposes a �60 charge for a set of three 240 litres bins to new or renovated properties. For a 660 litre or 1100 litre bin to any new homes in multiple occupation the fees will be �160


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