Year of the Independent

IN reply to Reg Kemp’s letter regarding “Year of the independent”, I agree in every detail but with one comment.

He says there is no option other than to be an Independent. It is obvious that we need a complete change on FDC, however, he thinks UKIP only want out of the EU, he is mistaken, UKIP is the only party to advocate our removal from the EU, they are also the only party who would not negate on their promises if elected to govern. They do however have a complete manifesto on major reform. All this and more is available. If you are in agreement with some or all of their policies then to find out more Call 0800 587 6587. Fenland need to hear the voice of the public and by standing as a Councillor to challenge this contentious conservative council you will be doing a great service to Fenland.


Beatrice Road


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