161-mile trip from Yorkshire to Fen village ends in Covid breach fine

Police issue fines to Covid-19 rulebreakers

Fenland's neighbourhood policing team issued five fines for non-compliance with Covid-19 regulations over the weekend. - Credit: POLICE

A person who had travelled 161 miles from Skipton in North Yorkshire to stay with a friend in Doddington, Cambridgeshire, was among those fined for breaching Covid-19 rules over the weekend.

The neighbourhood policing team in Fenland said they issued five fines for non-compliance with regulations.

Officers encountered a group of three young girls "not for the first time" in Chatteris on Saturday evening.

Police said: "We’d previously given words of advice and warnings to the girls and their parents on more than one occasion.

"However, after clearly ignoring the advice, three £200 fines were issued to the parents."

The second instance was in Doddington where police discovered a person had travelled from Skipton in North Yorkshire to stay with a friend.

Police said they were "not part of a support bubble and clearly breaching restrictions". Two £200 fines were issued as a result.

"By breaking the law and not adhering to restrictions, these people are placing themselves and others at risk of the virus, and spreading it," said a police spokesman. 

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"We all need to work together in these difficult times, so please do the right thing and stay at home."

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