You have exposed the very reason why Steve Tierney was voted out as councillor - his attitude

IT is not often I am pre-disposed to writing to newspapers, however on this occasion I feel compelled.

Your leader this week has exposed the very reason that Steve Tierney has been voted out of office as county councillor - his attitude.

On the few occasions I have had the dubious pleasure of meeting Mr Tierney he has revelled in trying to tell me what I should or should not be thinking or doing.

In a free and democratic society that is not acceptable. He is now ‘spitting the dummy out’, trying to do exactly that with Alan Lay, the new UKIP councillor.

Thankfully Alan will have none of it and has said so.

It is time for Mr Tierney to accept that he has lost his seat in a fair and democratic manner and to move on gracefully.

He is hardly likely to win friends and influence people with his current attitude.

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