You have your say on whether the likely £50m cost of rail link is justified - and can it be linked to A47 upgrade?

If a station on the south side of the A47 is an option then my orchards are right on the junction of the A47 and existing track bed.

I would be very happy to offer the site for the project. That should help keep costs down a lot.

All that would be needed is a roundabout, perhaps near the former crossing point on the A47.


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Looking at it another way this would take pressure off some of the East Cambs villages and make a rail commute to Peterborough ( and on to London) or more especially Cambridge feasible.

There are limited areas suitable for construction in the East Cambs area and housing prices are rocketing way above those in the Wisbech area. Upgrading the whole Ely to Peterborough line, making all trains stop at March and re opening the Wisbech to March line would benefit Norfolk and the Fens.

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Cancel HS2 and you could have an upgrade to the A47 and this and lots more besides.


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I have to agree there are a lot better things to spend all that money on. I bet there isn’t any copper wire left although the tracks are there.


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What a waste of tax payers’ money - if this amount of funding is available, it should be spent upgrading the A47


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