You take the left turn here, the right turn there, left turn here and take it all around

MOTORISTS coming out of the new Marstons pub at Westry will be able to turn left or right but motorists leaving neighbouring Hostmoor will still be only allowed to turn left.

Photographer Brian Purdy’s photos show the new access being built to take diners leaving the Cobblestones pub which will open this autumn.

Planners insisted on the creation of a new access as part of approval for the pub earlier this year.

However motorists leaving the Hostmoor trading estate- including the many thousands using Tesco each week- have been banned from a right turn. They must continue to head back to the A141 roundabout to head towards Wisbech and the A47.

As our photographer noted, though, some drivers continue to flout the ban turning right.

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When the planning committee approved the pub earlier this year Councillor Trevor Quince expressed his concern with the access arrangements.

He said currently motorists leaving Hostmoor Avenue are only able to turn left “but with this proposal you would be able to turn left and right.”

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Marstons expect the new pub to create 50 full and part time jobs and believe their plans will unlock the potential for developing the rest of the site.

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