You’ve got Horsefair changes wrong, wrong, wrong town council tells Fenland

TOWN councillors complained today that not only is spending �75,000 on changes to a taxi rank money down the drain but the scheme “poses a significant risk to pedestrians.”

Wisbech Town Council launched their last minute bid to stop Fenland District Council from spending the money on the Horsefair bus station.

“This council decided at its meeting on Monday to ask you as a matter of urgency to reconsider your plans as they will pose a significant risk to pedestrians,” town clerk Erbie Murat wrote in a letter to Fenland Council chief executive Paul Medd.

“Under the present system pedestrians may access the taxi service without having to cross any roads.

“Under Fenland Council’s proposed new system pedestrians will be obliged to cross a road to get to the taxis, creating a risk to their safety that does not currently exist.

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“The distance to the taxis will increase substantially, once again increasing the risk.”

Mr Murat said that council officials had mooted similar changes “on three occasions in the recent past and Wisbech Town Council has opposed all three proposals with equal vigour.”

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Not only is the town council opposed but feel the “significant costs of these proposed changes would be better spent maintaining the toilets in Wisbech Park.

“Wisbech Town Council urges Fenland District Council to reconsider making any changes at all to the Horsefair Bus Station - in the strongest possible terms. “

Two town councillors abstained from voting and the only member to support Fenland Council was town council leader David Oliver, who is also a district councillor and Cabinet member for Wisbech.

The mayor, Councillor Jonathan Farmer, has been an outspoken critic, blasting consultants Atkins who drew up the report following which improvements were recommended.

“It was not a piece of research – it is in fact toilet paper and the council should take strenuous efforts not to pay for it,” said Cllr Farmer.

“The proposals as far as I can tell are ridiculous.”

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