You’ve heard of cow-tipping... seen fly-tipping... but now Wisbech struck by car-tipping!

THREE vehicles were tipped over as a gang of vandals caused misery in Wisbech this morning.

A red Renault Megane, a gold Ford Orion and an unknown vehicle were targeted in streets across the town in the early hours of today.

Councillor Samantha Hoy was one of the victims who was left gobsmacked when she was woken by a crashing noise to find her car on its side.

Cllr Hoy said: “It was quite scary at first. I was in bed and I heard a massive bang and thought people were tipping wheelie bins over.

“I looked out of the curtains and my car was on its side. I couldn’t believe it and that was part of the initial shock. I’m angry because they must of thought it was a laugh but they just didn’t think about the consequences.”

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Cllr Hoy, a Cambridgeshire and Wisbech Town councillor, said her 24-year-old car would be written off if she claimed for the damage through her insurance.

The passenger side front-seat window was completely smashed and the car’s bodywork was riddled with dents and scratches. She estimates the incident will cost her between �100-200.

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The vandals began their crime spree in York Road by lifting the Megane off its wheels before pushing Cllr Hoy’s Ford on its side in Sybil Road.

She said: “I’m just thankful the damage wasn’t worse and my dad will be able to fix my car.

“I hope the other cars weren’t too badly damaged because it’s such mindless vandalism. Coming up to Christmas this is a financial inconvenience people don’t need.”

Six men, aged between 18 and 34, were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in Queen Street after a third vehicle was damaged.

They were detained in custody in King’s Lynn for questioning.

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