Young mum urges nurses to log baby weight correctly after she was wrongly told her son had lost 10 ounces in just four days

Kayleigh Wood and her baby Reggie Garner. He was weighed incorrectly at Peterborough City Hospital

Kayleigh Wood and her baby Reggie Garner. He was weighed incorrectly at Peterborough City Hospital PHOTO: Kayeligh Wood - Credit: Archant

A young mum is urging nurses to make sure they correctly record baby weights after her son was wrongly logged as losing 10 ounces in four days - a large amount for a young baby.

Kayleigh Wood said she took her five month old son Reggie for a hospital check up and as part of that he was weighed.

However, the nurse at Peterborough City Hospital, incorrectly turned 6.22kg into 13lb 1oz. It should be 13lb 11oz.

Kayleigh, of March, said: “My worry for other mums is what if a mistake is made and a baby really has lost weight, but the conversion is done wrongly so it is not picked up.

“The nurse just said, oh he’s lost 10 ounces, with no real mention of why or how. I couldn’t believe it, as it was just four days since he was last weighed.

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“To hear he had lost that much, a lot for a young baby, made me really concerned.”

She said she is on her guard at all times as: “Reggie is a bit of a miracle baby. I had 16 miscarriages before falling for him and had to have an operation in London St Mary’s to remove scar tissue which was preventing me carrying.

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“I never thought I’d be a mum.”

Kayleigh and Reggie’s dad Toby Garner couldn’t get to the GP for two days so in that time said she was concerned about what could be wrong.

“Thankfully my GP worked out the mistake. I just wanted to let other mums know so if anything similar happens to them they check it out.”

A spokesman for Peterborough City Hospital said they were unable to comment on individual cases.

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