Young woman is sleeping rough in March while she waits for housing

Amie Hiscock

Amie Hiscock - Credit: Archant

A 24 year old woman is sleeping in garages and parks around March and Guyhirn after she was left homeless when she ended a three year violent relationship.

Police found Amie Hiscock a safe house 50 miles away when she found the courage to end the relationship on June 16.

But just a couple of weeks later she said she was forced to leave the house when her partner was arrested and jailed for ABH.

She has been to Fenland District Council but so far her application, which she says she made in July, is still pending and is not seen as urgent.

Speaking after spending the night on cardboard and wrapped in bin bags in a park near Neale Wade, Amie said: “I came back to March and have been sleeping on friends’ sofas, garages, one night in a friend’s car.

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“One night I was under a shelter in Guyhirn, other nights in parks, I’ve been here, there and everywhere.”

Her experience means she suffers extreme panic, anxiety and depression and in a letter from her GP at Cornerstone Practice it says that: “I am concerned with regard to her as I feel she is vulnerable because she has a long history of mental health problems in particular an anxiety reaction.

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“She would benefit from the stability of stable housing and would be grateful if you could support her in that.”

Her panic attacks have become so severe that an ambulance attended when she collapsed in the street during an anxiety fit.

She said: “I have been offered shared housing but I am so terrified that I can’t cope with living with strangers. It is too much for me. Unless you have been through this it is difficult to explain how frightened you become.

“I used to have a job as a carer at Heron House, a nice car, a home and now here I am homeless. I can’t cope.”

A spokesman for Fenland District Council said: “We have offered advice and assistance via the offer of temporary supported accommodation to assist her and this has been refused. Should Aimee wish to reconsider then we would encourage her to make contact with us.”

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