Youngsters at Fenland primary school show off their green credentials

CHILDREN at a Fenland primary school showed off their green credentials as part of a series of lessons teaching them about the environment.

Pupils at Coates Primary School learnt how to be green as well as planting vegetables kindly donated by parents, children and Peterborough-based nurseries Van Hage and Westfield for the school’s new vegetable patch.

Joanne Tomlins, the school’s head teacher said: “One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is how to protect the planet.

“Today has been an opportunity for us to explain why growing your own vegetables is better for you and the environment, and how recycling waste and switching off lights saves energy.

“We have been so lucky to receive the support of Van Hage and Westfield Nursery who have donated plans and compost to the school allowing us to grow our own vegetables which will be used by our catering staff to make school lunches.”

Each class devised their own ‘green charter’ which will be displayed in their classroom and made their own recycling bin.

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