Your letters about the famous Fen skaters brought back many childhood memories

IT was of interest to me to read in your letters about the famous Fen skaters. It was a big jog of my memory.

As a child I was taken to places with frozen water to watch these racers. I remember Pidley and Dog and Doublet. People would skate in the races but you would also get people like us — dad (Harry Behagg) could skate but I was on the floor most of the time.

People also pushed people about in all sorts of vehicles including boxes, old pram bodies and dining chairs.

I do not have any photos of this time, but one year a police officer found photos of himself in local and national press as he pulled someone out that had found thin ice and gone through. We were there to see this.

I also have a pair of Fenland Runners, made of wood with a curled front and leather straps, that had to be screwed into your shoes. These belonged to my late father who I understand used to skate from grandad John’s near Puddock Bridge to Slade End at Chatteris. Those were the days.

I am now in my 70s and I do not think it would do me much good to try roller or ice skating now, but thanks for reminding me of these happy times.

Although I now live in Norfolk, I still buy your newspaper and look forward to a good read on Fridays.

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