Your top 10 thoughts on news that George Campbell Leisure Centre, March, is to get a £300,000 facelift - tell us what you think?

George Campbell Leisure Centre in March

George Campbell Leisure Centre in March - Credit: Archant

Two years ago residents of March were dreaming of a £15-20million new leisure complex – only to have their hopes dashed a year later through shortage of funds.

But the then council leader Alan Melton did promise a £300,000 upgrade to the George Campbell Leisure – and those plans have now been revealed.

They involve an extension to the gym, replacement changing rooms and an activity room for dance and other classes.

The council has promised the leisure centre improvements “will have a pleasing visual impact on the surrounding area” but what do you think?

We took the temperature from the March Free Discussion Group on Facebook which had shared our news of the re-fit.

Here’s a selection of 10 thoughts from the many on line;

1: “The changing rooms for the pool are really in need of refurbishment. Maybe they should have done a questionnaire or something at George Campbell for existing customers to have some kind of input.”

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2: “The whole thing needs knocking down and transforming from the 80s to an up to date leisure centre.”

3: “Maybe we should all pull together as a town and surrounding villages like we did the Christmas lights and raise some funds to put towards it too. A lot of towns do this for something they feel strongly about.”

4: “The centre is now looking out dated and sad. If I had my way the whole centre would be demolished, and rebuilt to 21st century standards and facilities. Private business, lottery money, and government grants and European funds could be sought to bring this important facility to a standard that the citizens of our town can once again proud of.”

5: “Fenland District Council have all ways over looked the George Campbell pool, the problem is the people in the offices think they know everything so go ahead with things without thinking things through or talking to people first”.

6: “I’m fed up having to drive to Ely every time I want to take my little girl for a swim because the pool at George Campbell is at sub zero temperatures. Sort it out!”

7: “The patio area could easily be covered in and children’s pool provided.”

8:”I agree that anything is an improvement but I think instead of building an extension for dance and fitness they should refurbish the changing rooms in the gym and pool and give the pool a facelift at least. We have plenty of halls in March for dance and fitness and George Campbell already have a room for that sort of thing. I know there isn’t any point moaning about it because it’ll never be heard, but I just think the money could have been spent in better areas.”

9: “The pool definitely needs something doing to it. I go on a regular basis and in comparison to others in the area, the March pool is of a poor standard. I think it would definitely encourage a healthy lifestyle and attract more people if they updated it.”

10: “Yes I think there should be some fun everyone, its boring having no slides, no wave machine and more.”

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