Your views on Europe? That’s what this team from community based Fenland TV wanted to find out

Reporter Ben Shepherd for Fenland TV

Reporter Ben Shepherd for Fenland TV - Credit: Archant

Community based Fenland TV – set up recently to provide an on line source of news and features- has been busy producing its first series of reports.

The team, based in March, went out on the streets of March to find out what people think of staying in or leaving Europe.

Tim Nightingale, who is behind the new community station, said: “Brexit is a subject that is dividing our nation and our nation’s politicians.

“We wanted to help people to discuss the arguments as to whether we should stay or go.

“We asked is the EU simply an organisation whose self-interests are at odds with those of Britain, or is it framework of nations that provides Britain with greater opportunities to flourish as a nation and as individuals? That’s what we hoped to find out.”

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