Youths caught ‘planking’ in Fenland town warned that police are looking out for them

POLICE warned today that youngsters in a Fenland town caught taking part in the latest web inspired craze of planking could be prosecuted.

Sgt Martin Monger also warned that any if any under 17s are caught then police will refer the incident to social services “as it will be deemed the youth will be at risk”.

He said planking is effectively a dare game where youths have to find unique and risky places to lay flat on and have photos and/or videos taken.

“As funny as this may appear to be, this craze has sinister and in some cases fatal consequences,” said Sgt Monger. “Some instances are risky but relatively harmless fun. However as it is a dare related game and as youths compete to be the best, our young people find riskier places to do this activity.”

He said March and District Neighbourhood Policing Team would be treating all instances involving planking seriously.

“We will also be keeping an eye out on Facebook and YouTube for offenders,” he said.

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