‘King of Salvage’ YouTuber buys ex-Cambridgeshire criminal’s supercar

YouTuber Henry Arnold has bought a BMW i8 supercar previously used in criminal activities in Cambridgeshire in June 2019. 

YouTuber Henry Arnold (pictured) has bought a BMW i8 supercar previously used in criminal activities in Cambridgeshire in June 2019. - Credit: YouTube/Instagram/Henry Arnold 

An automotive YouTuber dubbed the ‘King of Salvage’ has bought a BMW i8 supercar previously used in criminal activities in Cambridgeshire two years ago.  

The flashy motor, worth around £100,000 when it was new, made off from police officers on the A1M in June 2019 before it was left abandoned.  

At the time, Cambridgeshire Constabulary shared snaps of the German car with its iconic ‘butterfly doors’ raised up after it was left in the street.  

It’s currently unknown what happened to the car between then and now, but the keys now belong to YouTube content creator Henry Arnold.  

Arnold can be seen in a recent video reading our newspaper coverage of the vehicle’s shady past, informing his fans to always obtain a vehicle check.  

With more than 23,000 subscribers, Henry hopes to bring the car back to its former glory, stripping it of its purple wrap and fixing all of its damage. 

Speaking in his latest video, he said: “There she is. It’s always good to check your car’s history on the internet so you know where it has been.  

“This one has obviously been a criminal’s car which is a bonus,” he joked.  

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“Now the cheapest [BMW i8] you can get on the market is about £38,000.”  

Henry Arnold showing off his new BMW i8.

Henry Arnold showing off his new BMW i8. - Credit: YouTube/Henry Arnold

“I can’t wait to get the i8 sorted, I’ve got three wheels off, the front one I couldn’t take off because I couldn’t be bothered to jack it up.  

“But they are all damaged, there’s damage on every single bit of the wheels; they’re all bent. Even one that looks good has got a bend... which isn’t ideal.”  

YouTuber Henry Arnold reads the Cambs Times

YouTuber Henry Arnold reading the Cambs Times coverage. - Credit: YouTube/Henry Arnold

Arnold takes viewers around the car, showing all of the extensive damage to its body work and wheels; this is damaged unseen in police photographs.  

It is clear from the pictures that all of the crash damage had occurred after officers seized the vehicle found in Peterborough in 2019.  

YouTuber Henry Arnold's damaged BMW i8

Some wheel damage to the BMW i8. - Credit: YouTube/Henry Arnold

At the time, a spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: “The vehicle made off from officers on the A1M.  

“[The BMW i8] came in to Peterborough and the driver abandoned it upon seeing our traffic car. 

YouTuber Henry Arnold inside BMW i8

YouTuber Henry Arnold inside his BMW i8. - Credit: YouTube/Henry Arnold

“Helpfully [the driver] left it unlocked for the recovery. The owner is a disqualified driver which may explain everything.” 

To follow the i8 build, visit: www.youtube.com/c/HenryArnold8/  

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