10 questions with Louise Hazel

LOUISE Hazel is currently in preparation for the Commonwealth Games which will be held in Delhi this October.

She will also be part of a charity calendar that goes on sale around November 30 with fellow Birchfield Harriers athletes such as Tom Parsons and Mark Lewis-Francis.

Name: Louise Hazel

Date-of-birth: 06/10/1985

Occupation: Heptathlete for Birchfield Harriers

Marital status: In a relationship

1) What persuaded you to get into the sport?

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My father was my inspiration as he was a keen sportsman. When we moved to March he encouraged me to go to March Braza Athletics Club and burn a bit of energy.

2) Who is your sporting idol?

This can change from time-to-time. Last year it was David Haye but at the moment in 2010 it’s been Phillips Idowu. His performance at the European’s was inspirational.

3) If you could change anything about your sport what would it be?

I would turn athletics from an amateur sport into a professional one. Athletes earn much less than football players and I don’t think that’s fair. TV coverage helps cause this so I would also increase the amount of athletics that is shown on television.

4) What is your biggest passion away from sport?

Shopping. It’s the only vice that I have. I don’t really drink or smoke and when it comes to shopping I don’t know when to stop.

5) What was your most embarrassing moment?

There’s a video on YouTube that’s quite embarrassing. Kelly Sotherton, Tom

Parsons, Jermaine Mason and I were invited on stage to do a dance at an event called Birmingham Beach. The winners got the chance to dance with Usain Bolt.

We had a great laugh dancing to Oh Carolina but we were all out of time!

6) What item could you not live without?

My hair straighteners. I’ve got ghd’s. My hair is naturally curly and goes like Scary Spice’s! I use them every day to keep it nice.

7) Where is your dream holiday destination?

I have been saving up and I want to go to the Caribbean. I’d love to go somewhere like Barbados as it’s tropical and hot.

8) Where was your last holiday?

My last holiday was about two years ago. I went to see the Pyramids at Giza as it was something I had always wanted to do. I didn’t want another beach holiday so we went to Egypt. I’m glad I visited the pyramids but I wouldn’t go back to Egypt.

9) What is your favourite and least favourite TV programme?

My favourite is Eastenders. I hate missing it so I’m a big fan of the Omnibus on a Sunday. My least favourite is Hollyoaks. I seem to get in when it’s on and I want something decent to watch rather than that. It’s naff.

10) What is your current sporting aim?

To get a medal at the Commonwealth’s in Delhi.