The March Marlins came back victorious from the Junior Fenland League.

On September 17, the Marlins travelled to Boston to compete in the finals of the Junior Fenland League.

Swimmers Devon O'Neil, Luis Souto Hill, Mason Riley, Kitty Payne, Max Primmer, Harry Rickard all achieved 1st place positions.

The squadron relay at the end of the days races was won by Finley Nobal, Niamh O'Donoghue, Matt Hall, Isla Stanton, Max Primmer, Kitty Payne, Harry Rickard and Yas Waite.

Junior Captains Devon O'Neil and Jude Stanton collected the shield and trophy.

Other Team members on the night were Danni ward, Beau Johnson, Ant Hall, Serenna Cullum, Eva Jackson-Neal, George Lapkoskis.

A representative from the club said: “Thank you to the team managers and officials for making the event possible.

“Anybody interested in joining our club can contact for more details and to request a trial.”