ATHLETICS: Elite running duo Glen and Dan Watts return to March for Whitemoor 5 mile race

March Athletic Club runners hosted the Whitemoor 5 mile race last weekend.

March Athletic Club runners hosted the Whitemoor 5 mile race last weekend. - Credit: Archant

Two national athletes enjoyed a successful homecoming at March Athletic Club’s Whitemoor 5 mile race last weekend.

Jevan Robertson in action at March AC's Whitemoor 5 mile race.

Jevan Robertson in action at March AC's Whitemoor 5 mile race. - Credit: Archant

Glen and Dan Watts, who now run for elite club the Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, returned to Fenland and there were no surprises as the duo finished in first and second respectively in times of 26 minutes and 35 seconds and 27 minutes and 21 seconds.

The first March AC runner to cross the line was Jevan Robertson in 28:49, while Toni Alcaraz finished the ladies race in second place with a time of 33:36.

Emma Tuck claimed the Vet 40 female crown with her time of 35:14 and the Vet 40 victor was Karen Patterson, who crossed the line in 35:26.

Youngster Liam Lambert was the top local performer in the Darren’s Dash 1.5 mile challenge, finishing in 9:23.

A March AC spokesman said: “March AC would like to thank everyone for their support for the event, making it a huge success.”


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Whitemoor 5 mile race: Jevan Robertson 28.49(6th), Dave Burgess 30.09 (8th), Billy Bremner 30.31 (10th), Justin Elvidge 33.08(19th), Toni Alcaraz 33.36 (23rd), Louis Fairfax 34.03 (27th), Geraldine Larham 34.29 (28th), Emma Tuck 35.14 (33rd), Thomas Goude 35.16 (34th), Ben Goude 35.18 (35th), Hugo Bryant 35.18 (36th), Justin Showell 35.22 (37th), Karen Patterson 35.26 (38th), Rhys Davies 35.29 (39th), Simon Render 36.08 (47th), Sean Stacey 36.54 (50th), Bryan Newman 37.50 (60th) Alan Brown 38.30 (68th), Tom Orr 38.40 (71st), Daniel Barber 39.20 (77th), Jon Long 40.53 (83rd), Darren Moat 40.55 (84th), Harry Littlemore 41.08 (86th), Laura Webb 41.31 (90th), Mark Darlow 43.12 (98th), Graeme Dedman 43.21 (100th), Graeme Robertson 43.53 (101st ), Martin Gardner 44.03 (102nd), Tina Lambert 44.24 (109th), Simon Mills 46.34 (135th), Sally Mills 46.34 (136th), Philip Cole 46.38 (137th),Bill Swadling 47.03 (142nd), Emma Palmer 49.25 (164th), Megan Stacey 49.59 (167th), Christopher Andrew 50.53 (174th), Sarah Lemon 52.55 (185th), Sarah Westbrook 53.59 (189th), Diane Brown 55.35 (194th).

Darren’s Dash: Liam Lambert 9.23, (3rd) Luke Gardner 9.23 (4th) Luke Cumbridge 9.44 (7th), Archie Bullman 9.52 (8th), Charlie Bradshaw 10.00 (11th ), Luther Ball 10.16 (15th ), Tyler Powell 10.24 (18th) Eddie Boxall 10.25 (19th) Archie Wilkinson 10.40 (20th) Alfie Skinner 10.41 (21st0, Paul Bryant 10.44 (23rd), Freddie Yates 10.45 (24th), Lily Fiveash 10.50 (26th), Jacob Pooley 10.51 (27th) Matthew Gardner 10.55 (28th) Dawn Veal 11.33 (31st ), Harry Hiskett 11.41 (34th), Sam Quail 11.53 (39th),Lily Megicks 11.54 (40th), Serge Lambert 12.06 (42nd), Jude Statton 12.14 (44th), Ellie Fiveash 12.24 (46th) Edie Wilkinson 12.27 (47th), Ela Lynes 12.48 (49th), Megan Davies 12.52 (51st), Matthew Cumbridge 13.05 (55th), Morgan Brady 13.07 (56th)Abigail Powell 13.29 (59th), Bronwyn Davies 13.32 (62nd), Alex Cartwright Bremner 14.11 (66th),Masie Whittlesey 14.24 (69th ) Amy Rudd 14.31 (72nd), Maddy Boxall 14.32 (73rd), Lewis Wood 14.40 (75th), Harry Amps 14.45 (76th), Alex Quail 14.57 (78th) , Maggie Pooley 14.58 (79th), Ralph Amps 15.33 (83rd), Molly Cook 15.34 (84th) James Venni 15.52 (86th) , Jacob Andrew 16.05 (91st), Isle Staton 16.57 (100th), Mason Adams 17.10 (101st), Ossian Underwood 17.14 (102nd), Josh Hiskett 17.16 (103rd), Daniel Barber 17.24 ( 109th) Hannah Wood 17.27 (110th), Cerys Pearce 17.58 (112th), Willow Mills 18.08 (114th), Simon Mills 18.09 (115th), Brandon Pearce 18.11 (118th), Louise Pearce 18.12 (119th), William Galley 19.15 (125th)