ATHLETICS: March Athletics Club post new record time at Round Norfolk Relay

March Athletics Club runners at the Round Norfolk Relay.

March Athletics Club runners at the Round Norfolk Relay. - Credit: Archant

March AC runners passed the Round Norfolk Relay challenge with flying colours.

Their total time of 23 hours, 15 minutes and 52 seconds earned a fine 11th place overall, out of 61 teams from around the country.

Toni Alcaraz got March AC off to a fine start with a time of 1:58.41 on the 16.3-mile opening stage from King’s Lynn to Hunstanton - a new female best for the race.

Emma Tuck and Geraldine Larham were the third-fastest female finishers on their respective legs, while Billy Bremner delivered the best run of the male March members when taking fourth place in stage 12.

March AC results: Stage 1 (16.32m) – Toni Alcaraz 1:58.41, 14th & 1st lady; Stage 2 (14.06m) – Mick Stacey 1:44.41, 18th; Stage 3 (5.76m) – Peter West 40:23, 9th; Stage 4 (11.14m) - Karen Patterson 1:25.45, 29th; Stage 5 (10.81m) – Dave Burgess 1:16.39, 6th; Stage 6 (7.9m) – Emma Tuck 53:39, 13th & 3rd lady; Stage 7 (9.24m) – Mark Salmons 1:03.59, 20th; Stage 8 (7.52m) – Andrew Larham 50:07,(13th: Stage 9 (16.6m) – Geraldine Larham 2:01.00, 23rd & 3rd lady); Stage 10 (18.13m) - Lee Carey 2:15.10, 24th; Stage 11 (12.45m) – Justin Elvidge 1:28.50, 16th; Stage 12 (19.67m) – Billy Bremner 2:02.14, 4th; Stage 13 (13.25m) – Justin Showell 1:36.39, 25th; Stage 14 (7.27m) – Louis Fairfax 47:41, 8th; Stage 15 (10.59m) – Andy Cole 1:12.54, 13th; Stage 16 (5.49m) – Rhys Davies 36:31, 6th; Stage 17 (11.73m) – Mike Boxall 1:18.00, 12th.

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