Benwick golfer Gary shocks Old Nene Golf & Country Club with hole-in-one - with his first shot

Gary Hastie with his scorecard.

Gary Hastie with his scorecard. - Credit: Archant

In golf, a hole-in-one is a rarity. So to make a hole-in-one in your first qualifying round, on the first hole, with your first stroke, is even more unlikely.

Gary Hastie's scorecard

Gary Hastie's scorecard - Credit: Archant

But Old Nene Golf & Country Club members were left open-mouthed when Gary Hastie achieved the incredible feat earlier this month.

Gary, who lives in Benwick, decided to sign up at the Ramsey-based club and record his handicap on November 11.

He stepped up to the first 144-yard hole with his trusty 8-iron in hand, swung, and was left amazed when his shot nestled neatly in the hole at the first attempt.

Jacquie Richardson, Gary Hastie, and Mark Wilbraham.

Jacquie Richardson, Gary Hastie, and Mark Wilbraham. - Credit: Archant

“I think I must have looked quite shocked when it went in,” Gary said.

“I think there were a lot of envious people on the green afterwards because they’ve been trying to make a shot like that all their lives.

“I just walked up, teed off with my 8-iron, it took a bounce and went in.”

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Gary’s amazing effort prompted fellow club member, Tony Richardson, into looking at records of previous hole-in-ones, and he believes that Gary could be a record-breaker.

“Whilst there are lots of records relating to hole-in-ones, I can find no record of anyone ever duplicating this amazing feat,” he said.

“I think we’ve actually had two hole-in-ones at the club this year now, but I’ve never seen one on the first hole in a first qualifying round before.”

Gary, 44, has kept the ball he used to make the superb shot – and it will be made into a trophy, courtesy of the Old Nene Golf & Country Club.

“I’ve played golf all my life but I’ve never officially had a handicap so I thought I’d join and sort one out,” he added.

“I haven’t played golf properly for about six years so getting a hole-in-one so early on was a big shock.”