Boss Weston admits Escorcio’s March Town United future is in the balance

DEFIANT Hares boss Jamie Weston has admitted only Denny Escorcio can rescue his future at March Town United.

Weston last week vowed that the 20-year-old will not play for March again this season after he failed to turn up for his side’s 1-0 win at Whitton United.

“I’ve given him more opportunities than other managers would,” said Weston.

“But he’s let me, himself, his team-mates and the club down again. It wasn’t the first time he’s missed a game without giving a reason so Whitton was the last straw.

“I like Denny, he’s a good lad and a terrific footballer, but there’s only so much you can allow someone to get away with.

“He’s wasting his talent and it’s such a shame. If he doesn’t sort himself out he’ll end up playing park football.”

Weston also said: “We haven’t spoken since but the ball’s in his court now.

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“I expect him to have the courtesy to call me at some point but until then as far as I’m concerned he will not play for March while I remain in charge.

“The door for next season remains slightly ajar but only if Denny can take responsibility for his actions.”