BOWLS: Short mat bowlers raise hundreds for Poppy Appeal with triples tournament in March

March Indoor Bowls Club's RBL Poppy Appeal triples winners Nora Martin, Pam Fayers and John Paddy.

March Indoor Bowls Club's RBL Poppy Appeal triples winners Nora Martin, Pam Fayers and John Paddy. - Credit: Archant

March Indoor Bowls Club raised hundreds for the RBL Poppy Appeal by welcoming 19 teams of short mat bowlers for a triples tournament last weekend.

The annual event raised an impressive total of £340 for the charity.

The winning team from Suffolk were Nora Martin, Pam Fayers and John Paddy with eight points +21 shots, second place went to Letchworth’s Sam Salmon, Mick Thrush and Alan Hare with seven points +15 shots and in third place was the Cambridgeshire team of Brenda and Charlie Waling and Derek Retchless with six points +21 shots.

Other results:

Sheila Page, Rosemary Richardson and John Page - 5 points +5 shots

Margaret Strang, Linda White and Rosemary Cooper - 4 points +5 shots

Mary Fox, Geoff Ward and Barry Fox - 2 points -16 shots

Most Read

Margaret & Barrie Newton and Janet Russell - 3 points -7 shots

Steve Lee, Chris Plaice and Gerry Russell - 4 points +8 shots

Mavis Mellor, Evelyn Perfitt and Val Ware - 0 points -24 shots

Bob Tills Anyta & Alan Francis - 2 points -14 shots,

Rob Bonello, Jayne Thorpe and Gwen Siggee - 2 points -5 shots

Tessa Deal, Sandra Smith and Liz Mitchell - 6 points -2 shots

Dawn Fincham, Jean Retchless and Roly Fincham - 6 points +15 shots

June Bridgestock, Vera Emery and Colin Buck - 4 points -2 shots

Ivor Jenkins, David Grant and Marion Cooper - 1 point -24 shots

Margaret Hare, Dee Davidson and Pam Westrope - 4 points -6 shots

David Warriner, Patrick Bretagne and Alex MacFarlane - 4 points -10 shots

Doreen Butcher, Judith Fox and Ray Fox - 4 points +6 shots

Mary Paddy, Erika and Neil Thomas - 4 points +3 shots.

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