Cambridge Half Marathon is no match for March Athletics Club

March Athletics Club members at the Cambridge Half Marathon.

March Athletics Club members at the Cambridge Half Marathon. - Credit: Archant

March Athletics Club’s finest runners joined over 5,000 other athletes on the starting line of the Cambridge Half Marathon – with five members of the club bagging personal best times.

12 club members travelled to central Cambridge for the 13-mile race on Sunday February 28, with Mick Stacey, Geraldine Larham and Billy Bremner all finishing in the top 300 with personal bests.

Toni Alcaraz, Brian Harding and Phil Beldom also finished with personal best times on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Times: Mick Stacey 1.28.01, Billy Bremner 1.28.28 (pb), Geraldine Larham 1.28.28 (pb) Toni Alcaraz 1.34.12 (pb) Brian Harding 1.41.05 (pb) Phil Beldom 1.41.39 (pb) Simon Render 1.49.05, Gaelle Bryant 1.59.32, Teilo Pearce 2.07.56, Nina Markillie 2.13.00, Suzanne Orr 2.33.20, Tony Orfeo 2.57.51.

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