Dog completes New Year’s Eve 10k at Little Downham alongside Fenland’s top runners

FENLAND’S top runners - and a dog - completed the final race of 2010 at Ely Runners popular New Year’s Eve 10k race in Little Downham.

Good conditions saw 506 runners complete the course with 19 turning out for Fenland Running Club and eight for March Athletic Club. There was even a debut for Fen the rescue collie - who ran with owner Malcom Hunt - and finished an impressive fourth dog overall in his first race for March AC.

Justin Kinsey was the first man home for Fenland Running Club, finishing in 23rd place with a personal best time of 37.31 minutes while Rebecca Cousins was delighted to be the first lady home in 77th place - despite recovering from flu - with a time of 41.30 minutes.

Darren Moat was the first March AC runner home in 72nd place with a time of 41.19 minutes and Karen Patterson was the first March lady home with a time of 45.37 minutes, crossing the line in 176th position.

Fenland Running Club results: Justin Kinsey, 23rd, 37.05; Tim Chapman, 50th, 39.26; Rebecca Cousins, 77th, 41.31; Dan Wate, 106th, 42.41; Richard Dix, 114th, 43.08; Andrew Osborne-Smith, 117th, 43.16; Andre Pittock, 120th, 43.19; Lisa Jermey, 177th, 45.37; Keith White, 186th, 46.04; Andrew Howard, 264th, 49.17; Adam Oakes, 296th, 51.09; Richard Williams, 305th, 51.43; Roger Williams, 332nd, 52.41; Sue George, 345th, 53.32; Colin Simpson, 346th, 53.32; Maire Irlam, 367th, 54.58; Cheryl Chapman, 374th, 55.34; Simon Holmes, 424th, 59.19; Roger Kay, 484th, 1.06.14.

March Athletic Club results: Darren Moat, 72nd, 41.19; Karen Patterson, 176th, 45.37; Geraldine Emmins, 184th, 45.57; John Savage, 244th, 48.20; Jim Atkin, 318th, 52.13; Malcolm Hunt with Fen the Dog, 370th, 55.20; Austin Patterson 382nd, 56.22; Gena Jackman, 485th, 1.06.22.