Dozens of March Athletics Club members brave the cold for Frostbite run

March AC runners ahead of their recent Frostbite run.

March AC runners ahead of their recent Frostbite run. - Credit: Archant

Seven juniors and 21 seniors from March Athletics Club completed the challenging Frostbite cross country race at Hincingbrooke Park.

The rainfall over the week left the course extremely boggy and slippy in many areas as runners arrived last Sunday, with the juniors completing a one and a half mile course whilst the seniors covered five miles around the park.

For the juniors, Kai Harding was first home for the club in 11 minutes and three seconds putting him in 44th place out of 162 runners whilst for the seniors Billy Bremner stormed home in 33 minutes and 30 seconds crossing the line in 47th place out of 381 runners. March seniors increased their position in the leader board thanks to the results of this race and are now 11th overall.


Seniors: Billy Bremner 33:30 (47th), Michael Salter 34:53 (76th), Wayne Stimson 35:26 (89th), Lee Carey 35:53 (102nd), Geraldine Larham 36:00 (106th), Darren Moat 36:31 (117th), Debra Wait 36:37 (119th), Justin Elvidge 36:38 (120th), Brian Harding 37:14 (139th), Karen Patterson 37:16 (142nd), Mark Salmons 37:46 (152nd), Philip Beldom 37:49 (153rd), Rhys Davies 38:55 (174th), Jonathan Farrell 39:39 (188th), Malcolm Hunt 41:22 (213th) , Bryan Goodenough 43:02 (245th), Dawn Veal 44:33 (269th), Emma Carey 45:21 (281st), Tina Lambert 47:24 (303rd), Fay Scrivener 48:14 (309th) and Mark Oakerbee 49:21 (322nd).

Junior Team: Kai Harding 11:03 (44th), Sean Stacey 11:16 (60th), Andrew Lee 12:15 (90th), Harry Edwards 12:51 (105th), Sophie Fenner 13:09 (112th), Liam Lambert 13:12 (114th), Megan Stacey 14:37 (142nd), Millie Edwards 16:21 (157th) and Alex Cartwright 17:06 (160th).