East Anglian trio to water-ski for GB at Euro’s

THREE men from East Anglia will represent Great Britain at this weekend’s European Water-Ski Championship in Spain.

Skier Dan List, from Terrington St Clement will join driver Guy Manchett of Chatteris and observer Simon Gale from Newmarket at the event in Cadiz. It’s the first time the team have been selected to represent Great Britain.

Dan List said: “I’ve entered the event by myself before but we were really pleased to get selected to represent GB this time.

“I started for fun and had a few ski’s and then went down to Hunstanton to have a few lessons. It was difficult at first because it’s hard to pick-up. I had a few falls but I eventually got better.”

The team will compete four times in eight days in the F3 Men’s category behind their boat Attitude. List and Guy will have to spend two days travelling by car across Spain and have already had to change their preparations.

List said: “They’ve just moved the competition from open sea to a lake.

“We practice on the sea and I’m a lot stronger on there which would have given us an advantage. We’ve had to change our accommodation too which is hardly helpful but it’s happened and we’ve just got to get on with it.

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The 29-year-old, who skis from Hunstanton Ski Club, is confident his team can adapt and stressed the importance of working together to achieve success.

He said: “The team is massive and it’s all about how we work.

“The observer is vital as he watches me and tells the driver whether to slow down or speed up. The trust is massively important. If I look comfortable then he (Simon) will get Guy to go quicker. It’s all about judging and understanding each other. We’re friends away from the competition and our partners get on well which helps too.”