Eastern Counties reveal how tier four will affect rugby

March Bears Rugby Club in action

The RFU has revealed how tier four will affect rugby in the area. - Credit: IAN CARTER

Eastern Counties Rugby has received revised guidance from the RFU following the imposition of tier four restrictions - and it means adult rugby is not permitted.

The whole of the region has been put into tier four, including those parts of Essex which were previously in tier two.

The advice received does say age grade players can play but only travel within their specific tier four area and may only be accompanied by one parent or carer.

Volunteers living in tier four, which includes coaches and match officials, may only travel within their specific area to enable participation to take place for U18s only.

Additional exemptions are in place for people with a disability.

The advice from the RFU said: "With the speed that the tiers are changing, we would hope that you could share this with your clubs so that they are fully aware of the guidance.

"Naturally, as we understand and hear more from Government we will update accordingly."