Fenland conquers the world! Local fighters crowned champions at WKC World Championships

Zac Culpin, Ashton Brannigan, Leon Gold, Jaden Harris and Eddy Paddock.

Zac Culpin, Ashton Brannigan, Leon Gold, Jaden Harris and Eddy Paddock. - Credit: Archant

Fenland’s finest fighters have been impressing on the world stage.

A group of Fenland BCKA talents went head-to-head with fighters from across the world, including Spain, Germany, Pakistan and Egypt at the WKC World Championships in Portugal, and did their club proud by sealing victories in a handful of categories.

Jaden Harris, Leon Gold, Eddy Paddock and Freya Molloy were crowned world champion in three different categories, while Ashton Brannigan scooped medals in two categories.

Coach, Andy Whitwell, said: “They had all trained so hard and the dedication paid off,” he said. “I always say to them “train hard, fight easy,” and once again this is the case.

“The fitness is superb and helps the fighters to maintain the pressure throughout their fights. They are a credit and an example to all martial artists and sports persons. I’m very proud of them.”


Jaden Harris

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Junior Women -50kg Points - World Champion

Junior Women -50kg Continuous - World Champion

Ladies -60kg Continuous - World Champion

Ladies -60kg Points - Silver

Ladies -55kg Points - Bronze

Leon Gold

Men’s -75kg Points - World Champion

Men’s -75kg Continuous - World Champion

Men’s Team - World Champion

Zac Culpin

Traditional Chinese style Kata - Silver

Traditional Weapons Kata - Silver

Ashton Brannigan

Boys -35kg Continuous - Bronze

Boys team - Silver

Eddy Paddock

Cadet Boys -55kg Points - World Champion

Junior Boys -60kg Points - World Champion

Cadet Boys -55kg Continuous - World Champion

Cadet Boys Team - Silver

Freya Molloy

Cadet Girls +60kg Points - World Champion

Cadet Girls +60kg Continuous - World Champion

Ladies -65kg Points - World Champion