Fenland fighters edge towards retaining Peterborough Series title with another fine performance

Fenland BCKA with their medals and trophies.

Fenland BCKA with their medals and trophies. - Credit: Archant

Fenland British Chinese Kickboxing Association have one hand on the Peterborough Series Trophy after storming to yet more success in the second instalment of the fighting series.

Abi Daulton in action for Fenland BCKA.

Abi Daulton in action for Fenland BCKA. - Credit: Archant

The fighters from Fenland performed heroically to secure dozens more top three places, leaving them in pole position to retain their title of School Grand Champions.

Coach at Fenland BCKA, Andy Whitwell, was beaming with pride for his fighters. He said: “I took a medium team to this event, quite a few of our experienced fighters were absent but we cleaned up in nearly every event we entered.

“There was some outstanding talent on show from other clubs but Fenland BCKA came out on top, despite missing many of our team.

“We look forward to the next instalment to concrete our lead in the schools league table.

“Performance of the day went to Zac Culpin from Whittlesey, who displayed his versatility in fighting, open hand, kata and weapons.”

Fenland BCKA can cement their status as champions by sealing more success in the final two instalments of the series, which are to take place at the Ken Simpson School in Werrington in September and October.

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Medal winners:

Zac Culpin

Weapons set (sword): Champion

Traditional open hand kata sets: 3rd

-74kg advanced (points): Champion

-84kg advanced (points): 2nd

Abi Daulton

Girls +5’4 ft intermediate (points): 2nd

Ladies -69 KG intermediate (points): 2nd

Girls -60 KG intermediate/advanced (continuous): Champion

Girls -70 KG intermediate/advanced (continuous): 2nd

Harvey King

Super peewee (open): 3rd

Leon King

(Beginners) -4’4ft: Champion

Kim Smith

Ladies (advanced) points -69kg: 3rd

Ashton Brannigan

Boys -35KG intermediate (points): Champion

Boys -35 KG intermediate (continuous): 3rd

Elliot Morgan-Smith

Boys -5’2 ft Beginner (points): Champion

Amjad Mustafa

-79kg veterans (points): 2nd

-74kg mens intermediate/advanced (points): Champion

Kelsey Lock

-5’2” girls (points): 3rd

-45kg girls continuous: Champion

Colin Lock

-85kg Veteran men: 3rd

Aimee Young

-69kg Ladies intermediate (points): Champion

Ady Sallis

-79kg veteran (points): 3rd

Sam Booth

-80kg continuous: Champion

-84kg points: 3rd

Freya Molloy

-69kg Ladies advanced points: 2nd

-60kg advanced Ladies: 2nd

Eddy Paddock

-5’4” advanced (points): Champion

-55kg boys continuous: Champion

Nicolas Shacallis

-5’2” intermediate boys: 2nd

Louis King

-64kg advanced points: Champion

-64kg Advanced men point: 2nd

Bradley King

-74kg intermediate men points: 2nd

Simon Munday

-79kg Veteran men: Champion