Flying high for Fenland Flyers at start of new competition season

A new competition season starts for Fenland Flyers Trampoline and DMT Club. Picture: Adele Broda

A new competition season starts for Fenland Flyers Trampoline and DMT Club. Picture: Adele Broda - Credit: Archant

A new competition season starts for Fenland Flyers Trampoline and DMT Club.

This season the competitors only have two competition to score enough marks to be able to compete in the Regional Team Qualifier in March 2020.

The first competition qualifier took place at the weekend in Harlow, Fenland Flyers took 26 gymnasts, to which 16 of those children also competed in the Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) competition.

Our stars of the day were our three competitors with additional needs.

Nine-year-old Jayden Smith, who trampolines with two prosthetic legs, was first to compete along with Kieran Prpa and Fabienne Clement-Degrieck.

All three competitors achieved first place in their category, an amazing start to the competition.

Our club level performers were next to compete with Harley Calton and Daisy Hackett competing for the first time.

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Both were extremely nervous, but with the support of their team mates Harley was placed second in his group and Daisy achieved fourth.

For our national development competitors were all trying out new routines as they have moved up one or even two levels from last season.

This was a tough competition and the nerves got the better of some of the competitors.

On this occasion it was the younger competitors that coped with the pressure, with Bailey Hanrahan taking bronze in the nine to 10-year-olds, Kate Pattingale and Reilly Anderson took silver in the 11 to 12-year-olds.

Seventeen out of the 26 competitors achieved the required score to compete in March - an excellent start to the season.

The DMT competition, the gymnasts had a much better competition with 11 out of the 16 taking one of the top three positions.

The 11 medal winners also scored enough marks to be put forward in competition in March.

This is an amazing result as this is only the third competition at DMT most of these gymnasts have had.

In this competition 11 out of the 16 have achieved the required score to compete in March.

Fenland Flyers is offering an introductory offer for new members.

For further information please email or phone head coach Adele on 07850 831825.

Full Results


TPD Club 4 Cat 1 = Kieran Prpa 1st

TPD NDP 1 Cat 1 = Fabienne Clements-Degrieck 1st

TPD Club 1 Cat 2 = Jayden Smith 1st

Club Level 1:

9-10 Boys: Harley Calton 2nd

11-12 Girls: Daisy Hackett 4th

Club Level 2:

9-10 Girls: Keira Broda-Kaye 1st

11-12 Girls: Lisa Snell 6th

Club Level 3:

11-12 Girls: Michaela Gladwin 6th, Anya Holc-Campbell 8th

13+ Ladies: Hannah Grant 3rd


11-12 Girls: Emma Morgan 9th

11-12 Boys: Charlie College 4th

13-17 Ladies: Gracie-Jane Lloyd 25th


9-10 Girls: Bailey Hanrahan 3rd, Keira Fines 7th


11-12 Girls: Kate Pattingale 2nd

13-17 Ladies: Hannah Smith 10th, Lily College 11th, Millie Rooney 18th, Team 2nd


13-17 Ladies: Sky Dornan-Baker 17th, Erin Pattinson 25th, Amelia Gee 28th Team 5th


11-12 Boys: Reilly Anderson 2nd

13-14 Girls: Hetti Featherstone-Dance 10th, Bella Featherstone-Dance 12th

15-21 Ladies: Alana Pritchard 2nd

Double Mini Trampoline


9-10 Girls: Keira Fines 1st, Bailey Hanrahan 2nd

11-12 Girls: Kate Pattingale 4th, Emma Morgan 7th

13+ Ladies: Sky Dornan-Baker 2nd, Hannah Smith 3rd, Lily College 4th Gracie-Jane Lloyd 5th Team 1st

11+ Boys: Reilly Anderson 1st, Charlie College 2nd


13+ Ladies: Erin Pattinson 10th


13+ Ladies: Bella Featherstone-Dance 3rd, Hetti Featherstone-Dance 4th, Millie Rooney 5th Team 1st


13+ Ladies: Alana Pritchard 1st, Amelia Gee 3rd