Fenland karting stars shine at season’s first grass meeting

MORE than 60 drivers conquered tight bends and short straights as Wisbech and District Kart Racing Club held their first grass meeting of the season.

Junior and senior drivers relished being back on the turf with a series of sparkling performances on the course at Manea.

Luke Higgins triumphed in the 125/4 Juniors, pipping the ever-impressive Joshua Smith and third-placed Ryan Simmons.

Stephen Gardner claimed victory in the 125/2 class ahead of Daniel Brown, while Phillip Simmons took the 250/4 class with 84 points.

Ian Laws clocked up 98 points to win the 250/2 class, holding off challenges from Lee Trayner and Sam Harrison.

Young Bethany Brooker also produced one of the day’s standout performances to win the 90cc Juniors section.

Full Results:

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70cc Juniors.

1st Kart 14 Ben Brookes 78 points

2nd Kart 19 Bethany Brooker 78 points

3rd Kart 67 Alex Ward 74 points

90cc Juniors

1st Kart 19 Bethany Brooker 76 points

2nd Kart 16 Lewey Brookes 64 points

3rd Kart 55 Sam Russell 60 points

125 4 Stroke Juniors

1st Kart 8 Luke Huggins 96 points

2nd Kart 26 Joshua Smith 74 points

3rd Kart 57 Ryan Simmons 60 points

125 2 Stroke

1st Kart 55 Stephen Gardner 82 points

2nd Kart 09 Daniel Brown 76 points

3rd Kart 31 Joe Carter 74 points

250 4 Stroke

1st Kart 12 Phillip Simmons 84 points

2nd Kart 55 Craig Jackson 80 points

3rd Kart 24 Ashley Hornigold 78 points

250 2 Stroke

1st Kart 00 Ian Laws 98 points

2nd Kart 12 Lee Trayner 74 points

3rd Kart 59 Sam Harrison 60 points

125 4 Stroke Seniors

1st Kart 54 Kevin Jackson 92 points

2nd Kart 19 George Carter 80 points

3rd Kart 55 Craig Jackson 78 points