Fenland Running Club sprint to success in Great Eastern half marathon

Fenland Running Club

Fenland Running Club - Credit: Archant

Forty-two Fenland Running Club members were amongst the 3,949 finishers at the biggest athletics event of the region at the Perkins Great Eastern Run Half Marathon in Peterborough on Sunday.

Jon Rowell, Ramune Raicheliene, Ian King, Richard Agger, Stephanie Clark, Alan Bird and Jac Richards were all tackling a half marathon for the first time and there were personal bests for Ryan Jones, Rod Sinnott, Tracey Howard, Graham Milham, Sarah Rippon, Denise Griffin, Ellen Drew, Larissa Follen, Maire Irlam, Sam Lyddiatt, Stephen Brunton, Jane Greenwood and Sharon Bird.

First home for Fenland Running Club was Andrew Plume who was 150th in a time of 1:23:25 and first lady home for the Club was Maire Irlam who was 525th in a PB time of 1:35:26. Fenland were also among the prizes in the form of Ian Milburn who was 1st MV70-79 and Maire Irlam who was 1st LV50-59. The precision performance of the day was by Gill Holmes who was a designated Pacer for the 2:45:00 target runners and Gill brought them home in a time of 2:44:28, just 42 seconds under the target time.

Full results: Andrew Plume 150th 1:23:25; Ryan Jones 165th 1:24:00 (PB); Tim Chapman 246th 1:27:46; Rod Sinnott 313th 1:29:35 (PB); Martin Jennings 321st 1:29:55; Graham Milham 339th 1:30:31 (PB); Paul Wiegand 468th 1:34:05; Maire Irlam 525th 1:35:26 (PB); Stuart Follen 571st 1:36:40; Richard Betts 683rd 1:38:37; Nicole Coughlin 684th 1:38:37; Paul Griffin 724th 1:39:19; Ian King 945th 1:43:25; Richard Agger 592nd 1:43:36; Alan Bird 956th 1:43:40; Ian Milburn 971st 1:43:58; John Fenn 1015th 1:44:51; Sarah Gauvin 1024th 1:44:58; Ellen Drew 1054th 1:45:22 (PB); Paulina Zub 1224th 1:48:14; Jay Gilbert 1268th 1:48:55; Leanne Rickett 1335th 1:49:48; Nicky Jennings 1373rd 1:50:27; Dave Hood 1410th 1:51:01; Luke Pinner 1497th 1:52:17; Ramune Raicheliene 1502nd 1:52:24; Sam Lyddiatt 1514th 1:52:33 (PB); Jon Rowell 1714th 1:55:30; Tracey Howard 1959th 1:58:34 (PB); Marc Martin 1975th 1:58:44; Larissa Follen 1976th 1:58:44; (PB); Neil Bailey 2003rd 1:59:04; Jane Greenwood 2119th 2:00:32 (PB); Jac Richards 2120th 2:00:33; Denise Griffin 2406th 2:05:05 (PB); Joanne Clark 2670th 2:09:26; Sarah Rippon 2888th 2:13:17 (PB); Sharon Bird 3043rd 2:16:52 (PB); Stephen Brunton 3200th 2:20:25 (PB); Tracy Farr 3234th 2:21:14; Stephanie Clark 3577th 2:34:37; Gillian Holmes 3744th 2:44:18.