Fenland Running Club tackle 196-mile Birketts Round Norfolk Relay

FENLAND Running Club took on the massive challenge of the Birketts Round Norfolk Relay at the weekend.

Seventeen runners and back-up members who cycled and drove support vehicle with the athletes tackled the gruelling 196-mile endurance course.

Starting from King’s Lynn at 10am on Saturday, Fenland finished the course with the anchor leg Mel Murdoch crossing the line in a team time of 23 hours, 22 minutes and 27 seconds.

Fenland finished in 11th place overall in a field of 57 teams and sixth in their club class avering a pace of 7.10 minute miles across the course.

Four runners finished their stages inside the top 10 (Jack Trow and Robin Parker, 2nd; Ady Martin 7th and Sean Connolly 9th). Lise Jermey was the second senior lady on her stage.

Full results (Stage position; Time; Pace min/mile): Tim Chapman, 23rd, 2.03.05, 7.19; Ady Martin, 7th, 1.34.13, 6.42; Jack Trow, 2nd, 0.35.20, 6.08; Keith White, 33rd, 1.27.38, 7.52; Robbie Howlett, 17th, 1.22.40, 7.38; Dan Wate, 14th, 0.56.41, 7.10; Andre Pittock, 22nd, 1.08.10, 7.22; Sean Connolly, 9th, 0.48.01, 6.23; Richard Dix, 22nd, 1.21.23, 7.12; Paul Weigand, 38th, 2.44.03, 8.10; Justin Kinsey, 11th, 1.37.48, 6.41; Paul Arnold, 25th, 2.23.38, 7.18; Robin Parker, 2nd, 1.23.51, 6.19; Dave Webster, 16th, 1.01.27, 6.59; Aaron Parker, 20th, 51.49, 7.11; Lisa Jermey, 13th, 0.38.04, 6.56; Melanie Murdoch, 26th, 1.24.36, 7.12.

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