Fenland running trio finish in top 20 at Frostbite Friendly League event in Ramsey

THREE of Fenland’s top runners braved strong winds to finish inside the top 20 during Sunday’s 5.2-mile Frostbite Friendly League event at Ramsey.

Robin Parker, Jack Trow and Justin Kinsey of Fenland Running Club all excelled in blustery conditions despite large parts of the off-road race being completed in head-wind.

March Athletic Club runner Joe Bradshaw also shone as he stepped up from the junior league to finish 32nd in his first senior event. He was his club’s first runner home.

Trudy Sayell was the first lady home for Fenland in 104th while her female March AC counterpart - Karen Patterson - was her club’s first woman home in 142nd place.

Jack Simon crossed the line in 39th place and was March AC’s first junior home first in a time on 10.55 minutes. Chloe Blyth was the first junior lady home during the 1.5-mile race and came 46th in a time of 11.06 minutes.

Full results

March AC: Seniors- Joe Bradshaw, 32nd, 33.02; Andrew Larham, 42nd, 33.40; Darren Moat, 75th, 35.09; Clyde Stratton, 99th, 36.20; Pete West, 123rd, 37.24; Jason Perring, 128th, 37.53; Wayne Stimson, 136th, 38.06; Karen Patterson, 142nd, 38.11; John Savage, 143rd, 38.16; Barry Freeman, 165th 39.31; Mick Stacey, 188th, 40.17; James Richmond, 204th, 41.17; Geraldine Emmins, 213th, 41.36; Fred Amps, 227th, 42.34; Austin Patterson, 280th, 45.28; Shaun Donkin, 311th, 47.44; Debbie Ridgway, 318th, 48.04; Stephen Cowell, 325th, 48.33; Ray Few, 352nd, 51.08; Gena Jackman, 374th, 55.50; Juniors - Jack Simon, 39th, 10.55; Chloe Blyth, 46th, 11.06; Harry Amps, 66th, 11.41; Nathan Redhead, 67th, 11.41; Katie Donkin, 98th, 13.19; Brad Stratton, 113th, 13.48; Annabelle Rayner, 127th, 15.05; Ashleigh Patterson 133rd, 16.33.

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Fenland Running Club: Robin Parker, 13th, 31.08; Jack Trow, 14th, 31.35; Justin Kinsey, 20th, 32.17; Robbie Howlett, 72nd , 35.06; Paul Arnold, 92nd, 36.02; Trudy Sayell, 104th, 36.33; Paul Weigand, 105th, 36.33; Andre Pittock, 106th, 36.42; Dan Wate, 120th, 37.15; Mel Murdoch, 150th, 38.38; Darren Jackson, 159th, 39.16; Adam Chown, 226th, 42.32; Adam Oaks, 230th, 42.43; Maria Walker, 262nd, 44.34; Pasquale Ruggiero, 263rd, 44.34; Maire Irlam, 267th, 44.45; Roger Williams, 287th, 45.47; Lieze Du Plessis, 314th, 47.53; Ellen Drew-Peck, 324th, 48.32; Jane Greenwood, 329th, 48.47; Graham Wesley, 379th, 59.44.

• Fenland Running Club members also competed in Ryston Runners’ 5k cross-country at Shouldham Warren on Sunday. Becky Cousins was the first lady home for Fenland in 19.15 minutes, followed by Michelle Gilbert (27.06 minutes) and Tracey Veenendaal (27.21 minutes). Earlier, proud mum Michelle watched her youngest son Ben complete his first ever 800m race for the club.