Fenland’s newest tug of war team taste training league success

FENLAND’s newest tug of war team continue to go from strength to strength after clinching their training league title.

Whittlesey Fenmen, who only formed this year, clinched the southern training league crown after a string of fine displays. The historical sport continues to directly pit two teams against each other in a test of strength.

Wesley McCulloch, a member of Whittlesey Fenmen’s 16-man squad, said: “Tug of war is fun but once we take the rope it quickly becomes really serious competition. “Everybody wants to win and it requires a real team effort because you soon know if one bloke is not pulling his weight. A lot of people don’t understand how massive tug of war used to be around here.

“Even though it’s a dying sport we’ve found it really addictive. Once the crowd starts cheering you on in it really becomes quite exciting.”

Tug of war sees two teams of eight align themselves at the end of a rope which is marked with a ‘centre’ line and two markings four metres either side of the mark.

Once the ‘pull’ has commenced teams attempt to tug the opponent’s ‘mark’ across the centre line or force an opponent to commit a foul. Fouls include a team member sitting, falling down, lowering an elbow below the knee (known as locking) or touching the ground for extended periods of time.

The Whittlesey Fenmen now travel to Milton Keynes on Sunday to face the northern training league’s teams in an all-day event.