Football fans ‘ready to turn German’ with Bundesliga back

Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller (right) applauds the fans after a Champions League match at Chelsea

Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller (right) applauds the fans after a Champions League match at Chelsea - Credit: PA

Millions of football-starved fans are ready to ‘turn German’ this weekend for their first slice of match action for two months.

Two thirds of sports lovers say they are excited by the Bundesliga restarting the season, after games were halted by the coronavirus crisis in March, a study by OLBG shows.

Southampton supporters are more up for foreign footie than any other fans in the country, followed closely by Newcastle and London fans and Scots based in Edinburgh, according to the poll. Fans in Liverpool and Bristol are least excited.

The survey of 1,000 football fans also reveals most of the nation will be getting behind either Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund.

But for Bournemouth fans, the spotlight is fixed on Eintracht Frankfurt who, on a national level, rank bottom of the list.

Monchengladbach also haven’t fared well when it comes to British backing but, when polled, ranks top of the league when it comes to their strip.

As for players, British football fans are most looking forward to seeing Robert Lewandowski hit the pitch, closely followed by England star Jadon Sancho.

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Richard Moffat, CEO of OLBG, said: “It’s so exciting we have top-quality football returning to our screens this weekend. Lockdown has been tough and the Bundesliga season gives something for football fans to look forward to, following a long two months of no action!”

Fans most excited by region: Southampton (77%), Newcastle (67%), London (66%), Edinburgh (65%), Aberdeen (62%).

Fans least excited by region: Bristol (35%), Liverpool (39%), Coventry (43%), Manchester (44%), Nottingham (46%).

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How German are you?

Take our fun quiz below to find out. Answer Yes or No (or Ja or Nein if you prefer).

1.On a sunshine holiday abroad (remember them?) have you ever got up early to put your towels on sunbeds?

2.Have you ever drunk German beer?

3.Have you ever gone for fortnight without shaving your armpits? (women only)

4.Have you ever worn Speedos on the beach? (men only)

5.Do you have a sneaky admiration for Angela Merkel?

6.Do you admire countries that can make the trains run on time?

7.Do you wish your national football team could always win penalty shootouts?

8.Do you like sausages?

9.Have you ever listened to Bach or Beethoven?

10.Do you prefer Claudia Schiffer to Kate Moss?


9-10 Your name is Heidi or Hans and you live in Munich.

4-8 Put on those leather shorts and break out the sauerkraut, the game’s about to kick off.

0-3 Carry on watching the 1966 World Cup Final on repeat.