Forty miles for Fenland’s runners at Hereward Relay

Fenland Running Club's Richard Hammond (left) and Sean Connolly after finishing 32 seconds apart aft

Fenland Running Club's Richard Hammond (left) and Sean Connolly after finishing 32 seconds apart after FRC's teams ran 38.7 miles at the Hereward Relay. - Credit: Archant

Fenland Running Club fielded 10 teams of four in the March AC Hereward Relay 38.7 mile race from Peterborough Cathedral Square to Ely Rugby Club.

With four stages of 6.5, 10.5, 11.3 and 10.4 miles, FRC Teams with road, off-road and mixed road/off-road terrains the coordination of 40 runners required a lot of Club ‘Bonding’, helped by Team names of Run Another Day, Thunderball, For FRC Eyes Only, Octopussies, Man With The Golden Trainers, Bailey’s – Shaken Not Stirred, From Fenland With Love, Blofield Cats, Licence To Thrill and No Ex-Specre-ations.

Although extremely cold, conditions for running were great and all 40 had their own intra-club battles as they tackled their Stage and the Teams finished 17th, 18th, 41st, 77th, 95th, 94th, 85th, 74th, 84th and 103rd in a huge event of 110 teams.

Stage results by Team:

Stage 1 Ryan Jones 10th 39:45; Graham Millham 20th 41:08; Katie Ward 35th 45:48; Cath Duce 60th 50:47; Leanne Rickett 54:02; Tracey Howard 83rd 54:48; Jac Richards 86th 55:21; Joanne Clark 97th 58:29; Abigail Nunerley 104th 1:03:39; Stephen Brunton 1:03:53.

Stage 2 Andrew Plume 15th 1:07:37; Tim Chapman 19th 1:09:07; Maire Irlam 77th 1:24:25; Nicky Jennings 71st 1:23:38; John shaw 50th 1:17:27; Stuart Follen 30th 1:13:07; Tom Richards 31st 1:13:26; Shane Draper 24th 1:10:46; Andre Pittock 37th 1:14:57; Sam Lyddiatt 94th 1:33:49.

Stage 3 Paul Griffin 27th 1:21:53; Rod Sinnott 20th 1:19:16; Sarah Gauvin 57th 1:29:37; Ellen Drew 79th 1:34:47; Paulina Zub 95th 1:40:52; Neil Bailey 101st 1:48:13; Alan Bird 89th 1:37:38; Ian Milburn 59th 1:29:49; Adam Chown 77th 1:34:02; Keith White 80th 1:35:11.

Most Read

Stage 4 Sean Connolly 19th 1:07:48; Richard Hammond 21st 1:08:20; Mel Trayford 40th 1:14:59; Jay Gilbert 79th 1:26:33; Julie Garner 107th 1:39:25; Larissa Follen 97th 1:35:08; Denise griffin 100th 1:35:54; Jane Greenwood 96th 1:34:21; Michelle Gilbert 90th 1:29:31; Tracy Farr 109th 1:41:36.

Although not so far away, Sarah Rippon battled snow, sleet, rain and wind at the Norwich Half Marathon and although having a terrific race to finish on her watch in a PB time had to suffer the agony of finding after the event that the snow at the start had managed to cause a loss of around 200 times from the results data with Sarah amongst them, so no officially recorded PB.

Further afield, Dan Carrington continued his quest for mulri-terrain marathons by tackling the muddy Meon Valley Marathon in Southampton. In a field of 130 finishers, Dan finished 61st in a time of 4:51:09.