Hundreds complete Fenland Running Club’s 25th Fenland 10 mile road race

A FIELD of 341 runners completed Fenland Running Club’s 25th Fenland 10 mile road race on Sunday.

Athletes from Fenland Running Club and March Athletic Club were among those to finish the race which was won by John Herbert of Werrington Joggers in a time of 52 minutes and 23 seconds.

He beat second placed Richard Brown of Louth AC by over a minute.

A further 19 runners finished within the hour mark with March AC’s Paul Hemsby coming 14th and Fenland’s Jack Trow finishing just one place behind him.

Hemsby crossed the line in 59 minutes and 14 seconds, pipping Trow by only six seconds.

Phillipa Taylor of Nene Valley Harriers was the first lady home in a personal best time of 59.59.

March AC’s Mellisa Neale was the second lady to cross the line in a time of one hour 02.52 minutes and Fenland’s Rebecca Cousins set a new personal best of one hour 03.43 minutes to finish third.

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Fenland’s Nicole Coughlin was first Lady Vet 35 home in a time of one hour 09.59 minutes

Fenland Running Club results

Jack Trow, 15th, 59.20 (PB); Rebecca Cousins, 36th, 1.03.43 (PB); Nicole Coughlin, 95th, 1.09.59 (PB); Paul Arnold, 109th, 1.11.17; Dan Wate, 110th, 1.11.17; Colin Ferguson, 131st, 1.12.15; Darren Jackson, 157th, 1.14.35; Sarah Hern, 170th, 1.01.36; Dean Powley, 222nd, 1.23.35; Dave Hood, 227th, 1.24.06; Adam Chown, 228th, 1.24.08; Donna Bailey, 232nd, 1.24.26; Sue George, 239th, 1.25.04; Richard Williams, 242nd, 1.25.12; Nick Meekins, 325th, 1.43.08.

March Athletic Club results

Paul Hensby, 14th, 59.14; James Fulcher, 26th, 1.01.45 (PB); Melissa Neal ,29th, 1.02.52; Andrew Larham, 39th, 1.04.20 (PB); Darren Moat, 71st, 1.07.25; Wayne Stimson, 112th, 1.11.17; Debra Wait, 118th, 1.11.33; Agata Chelchowska, 129th, 1.12.06 (PB); Peter West, 137th, 1.12.42; Adrian Snook, 146th, 1.13.38; Jason Perring, 147th, 1.13.41 (PB); Lynn Summerfield, 149th, 1.14.10; Andrew Fulcher, 151st, 1.14.18 (PB); Frances Cooke, 153rd, 1.14.33; Martin King, 159th, 1.14.43; Geraldine Emmins, 176th, 1.17.42; Malcolm Hunt, 179th, 1.18.17; Mick Stacey, 194th, 1.19.07; Jim Atkin, 231st, 1.24.03; Fred Amps, 256th, 1.29.10; Debra Ridgway, 291st, 1.30.27; Gena Jackman, 311th, 1.37.06; Pat Brown, 331st, 1.45.06.