Hundreds of runners tackle March Athletic Club’s race at Whitemoor Prison

RUNNERS took to the streets of March on Sunday as the town’s athletic club hosted the latest Frostbite Friendly League five-mile race.

March Athletic Club’s event, at the Whitemoor Prison, attracted 421 senior athletes and 147 juniors who tackled the off-road race around the nature reserve.

Although March AC had many of its members marshalling and helping organise the day, 31 senior club runners and 11 juniors took on the race.

Tom Littlemore (8.52) was the club’s first junior home in 16th as he excelled in the 1.5-mile event. Joe Bradshaw (29.23) was March’s first senior across the line in the adult’s race.

Fenland Running Club’s Rebecca Cousins (31.33) was the second lady home overall after another fine individual performance. However, Thorney bagged the area’s bragging rights on a fine day for the in-form club.

Liam Ward (8.18) was the highest-placed competitor out of the three clubs in any category, finishing ninth in the juniors’ race.

Thorney also finished fifth out of 16 teams in the senior race, ahead of Fenland (seventh) and March (ninth). They also ended up sixth out of 12 teams in the junior race. March’s junior team finished ninth.

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JUNIORS: Tom Littlemore, 16th, 8.52; Luke Fenner, 33rd, 9.22; Tillie Murphy, 36th, 9.29, Harry Bradshaw, 45th, 9.43, Abbie Stacey, 54th, 10.04; Shannon Munns, 105th, 11.35; Katie Donkin 111th, 11.56; Archie Patterson, 114th, 12.00; Ashleigh Patterson, 138th, 13.52; Sophie Fenner, 142nd, 17.34 and Sophie West, 144th, 14.54

SENIORS: Joe Bradshaw, 17th, 29.23; Andrew Larham, 74th, 32.41; Jason Perring, 89th, 33.24; Debra Wait, 118th, 34.30; Pete West, 125th, 35.05; Darren Moat, 126th, 35.07; Karen Patterson, 129th, 35.23; Mark Salmons, 132nd, 35.30; Andy Fulcher, 140th, 35.42; Steve Rooney, 142nd, 34.48; Barry Freeman, 166th, 36.36; Steve Keogh, 177th, 37.07; Lynn Summerfield, 178th, 37.07; Francis Cook, 204th, 37.54; Geraldine Emmins, 207th, 38.02; John Palmer, 242nd, 39.41; Chelsea Fulcher, 281st, 42.02; Richard Paul, 285th, 42.17; Harry Littlemore, 287th, 42.25; Karen Amps, 300th, 43.03; Shaun Donkin, 339th, 46.14; Austin Patterson, 340th, 46.14; Pat Brown, 356th, 48.02; Debbie Ridgway, 358th, 48.12; Nicola Stacey, 360th, 48.21; Fay Scrivener, 361st, 48.22; Sue Ward, 388th, 50.47; Sue Bird, 389th, 50.47; Tamara Fulcher, 403rd, 51.46; Lavinia Seward, 405th, 53.29 and Michelle Seward, 406th, 53.30


SENIORS: Ady Martin, 37th, 30.40; Rebecca Cousins, 52nd, 31.33; Paul Arnold, 60th, 31.53; Tim Chapman, 66th, 32.09; Nicole Coughlin, 98th, 33.51; Andre Pittock, 99th, 33.54; Paul Weigand, 121st, 34.46; Ann Trett, 133rd, 35.34; Colin Simpson, 184th, 37.14; John Chapman, 188th, 37.25; Maire Irlam, 213th, 38.11; Adam Chown, 216th, 38.26; Dave Hood, 222nd, 38.43; Jane Greenwood, 293rd, 42.48; Cheryl Chapman, 315th, 43.54; Laura Arnold, 317th, 43.58; Scott Bywater, 333rd, 45.14; Julie Garner, 383rd, 50.25; Sarah Rippon, 384th, 50.40 and Graham Wesley, 418th, 56.10


JUNIORS: Liam Ward, 9th, 8.18; Jonathan Friend, 34th, 9.27; William Spires, 38th, 9.31; Ben Harding, 39th, 9.34; Matthew Church, 77th, 10.32; Lydia Church, 88th, 10.55; Chrystal Frisby, 116th, 12.03; Rheane Lornie, 132nd, 13.20; Katie Mason, 137th, 13.45; Carly Mason, 139th, 13.56 and Jasmin Frisby, 145th, 15.28

SENIORS: Martin Dawson, 41st, 30.57; Paul Markham, 56th, 31.40; Eamonn Dorling, 64th, 32.01; Neil Martin, 67th, 32.15; June Swift, 73rd, 32.37; Peter Ward, 81st, 32.55; Ray Wilson, 86th, 33.17; Andy Cowling, 87th, 33.19; Geoff Howes, 130th, 35.23; Laura Robertson, 134th, 35.36; Chris Seymour, 190th, 37.28; Reg Allen, 205th, 37.55; Natalie Markham, 218th, 38.31; Richard Sharp, 248th, 39.49; Ian Frisby, 251st, 40.01; Marcel Wilson, 279th, 41.59; Natalie Palmer, 324th, 44.31; Siobhan Seymour, 341st, 46.23; Ian Davies, 346th, 47.21; Petra Otto, 352nd, 47.50; Gillian Holmes, 386th, 50.45; Alan Gray, 396th, 51.16 and Sharon Stancer, 419th, 59.06

• Two other Fenland Running Club members took part in Sunday’s 5km cross country race at Shouldham Warren. Simon Edwards (21.03) finished 17th in the senior men’s category while Michelle Gilbert (26.22) was the eighth-placed lady in the senior’s section.